Here at Gary’s we offer a wide variety of overhead entrance services. The repair and replacement fixes we offer are:

    • Out of track doors
    • Broken springs
    • Broken cables
    • Broken rollers
    • Bent tracks
    • Sections and panels
    • Remotes and accessories
    • Door openers
    • Child safety systems
    • Garage door openers
    • Remote garage door openers
    • Door replacements
    • Door installations
    • Any brand and model
    • Noisy doors

We fix all brands of overhead entries including Genie, Craftsman, Liftmaster, Holmes, Overhead, Chamberlain, Amarr, Stanley, Linear, Raynor, Martin, Harrison, Challenger, Windsor, Marantec and many more. We can fix broken springs, panels, off track alignment, rollers, cables, and noisy doors. We provide assessments and inspections, so if you are not sure why exactly your garage door isn’t functioning properly, don’t worry, we know a guy who does! Our technicians are experts in finding the cause to any of your overhead door problems and will provide state-of-the-art assistance while finding a solution in order to perform any necessary repairs.

Spring repairs

Garage doors rely on heavy-duty springs to support their weight. Every time you open your overhead entry, pressure is put on the springs and over time this pressure can cause them to become loose or to even break. Our technicians use high quality replacement springs that will be specifically suited to your door and can even be used for up to 50,000 cycles.

Panel repairs

Our technicians are trained to a high standard to ensure that when it comes to repairing broken panels they can match the others flawlessly. They will evaluate the make, model, color, dimensions, and find out if it is insulated.

Off track alignment

measuring off trackdoorpic
Aside from being a large inconvenience, off track garage doors can also be incredibly dangerous. We will inspect the tracks to find out the cause and the best solution to the problem. Whether one or two of the cables have broken, resulting in the door being off track, or whatever the reason may be, our technicians will fix the tracks accordingly.  In addition we will we inspect the tracks for any damage and ensure they are properly aligned and secured to the walls. Furthermore, we add oil for easier movement and run a safety evaluation to check everything is in complete safe and working order. These precautions go a long way in preventing further safety hazards.

Noisy door silencing

Worn out rollers? Bent tracks? We can provide any adjustments, parts, lubrication or fixes that are necessary to silence your noisy garage door.

Roller and cable restoration

Garage door rollers help to prevent any friction and keep your pathway aligned, while cables provide your door with balance to create a smooth movement when opening and closing. If the rollers and/or cables are even slightly unaligned this can cause your door to lean to one side, be extremely loud or even be difficult to operate. Our technicians will not only find the cause of any problems you may have, but they will find the best, most timely, price efficient solution.

New Garage Door Installation

When it comes to fixing these types of issues, sometimes if there’s too many problems, it can actually be cheaper and more time efficient to install a brand new door. That’s why Garys Garage Door Repair also specialize in fitting brand new overhead entries. Don’t panic though, it doesn’t need to be broken for us to fit a new one! Whatever the reason for the installation, we have many options to help you select your perfect door.

We understand how important the appearance of your home can be. Depending on the positioning, it can be very prominent and take up a large portion of the front of your house. To alleviate this concern we offer many different varieties and options including:

  • Custom Wood Doors: Perfect if you wish to add a source of character to your home. You can choose from oak, cherry, pine mahogany and more and can design the size, texture and shape of your choice.
  • Rolling Service Doors: Made of aluminum or steel, these are secure and durable.
  • Glass Garage Doors: These allow the sun to shine through, creating a modern finish to your home.
  • Insulated Steel Doors: Perfect for those looking for low cost and are great for climate control.

We keep the more sought after products in stock, therefore 90% of new garage door installations can be performed on the same day as requested. If you are looking for a more unique material, size or color then we can order your perfect day and schedule and installation for a time that best suits you.

Further questions?

If you have a related problem not listed above and are unsure, then give us a call and our representatives will let you know if we can further assist you.

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